From founder Rachel R. Panton, PhD

I have always been fascinated with stories. As a young girl I would lose myself in the magic of my favorite storybook. Over the years, my love grew immensely and even as a teenager my favorite pastime was curling up in a comfy chair with a good book. As a college freshman English was my major of choice. My senior year, I received a graduate scholarship to obtain my Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature. Since then, I have been teaching writing at the collegiate level for more than 14 years with a primary focus on memoir. For the past 8 years I have taught writing at the University of Miami, as well as other colleges and universities during the summer months.

Teaching adults through undergraduate and continuing education programs for so long led to my studies of Life-Long Learning, and In 2012 I completed my PhD in Educational Studies with a specialization in Adult Learning and Development. For my dissertation, I used my writing skills to compose “portraits”, very detailed life story narratives, of leading ladies in Miami. Shortly, thereafter, a prominent, retired Dean from a neighboring college, who had heard of my research, asked me to ghostwrite her memoir and the rest . . . is history.

What I have learned over the years of teaching and writing is that each of us is unique and everyone has a story to tell. As the saying goes, I have also learned that truth is stranger and possibly more remarkable than fiction! With the same attraction that I had when I was just a girl in pigtails reading my favorite stories, now my favorite stories are the ones I co-create for my clients and their families.

I look forward to writing your story!