Quilt Book Heirloom

One of our most economical items, the Quilt Book Heirloom, allows you to preserve your history without blowing the budget. The Quilt Book Heirloom consists of highlights and milestones from your life that are documented with photographs.

Celebration of Life Event Book

This option is created to help you celebrate an important upcoming birthday, anniversary, retirement, years of service, or some other special event. We gather stories from a particular area of life like marriage or career and write a complete narrative for a 50th wedding Anniversary or Retirement party. Multiple printing options allow you to make numerous copies and sign them for your family and loved ones at your party or celebration!

This is also a great option for churches, colleges, businesses and non-for profits. Is your company approaching a milestone? Is the boss or founder retiring soon? Sharing stories of your history can help you find new audiences for your business or reconnect with old ones. It can also help boost employee morale, raise money from donors, and spark renewed interest from your community.

Bereavement Book

Pay tribute to the dearly departed by celebrating their life and honoring their memory. We will help you memorialize your loved one by placing stories, photographs, eulogies, letters of condolence, etc. in a hard cover book that your family can keep for generations.

The Memoir

This is the top-of-the-line memoir option for our personal history books. We conduct interviews with you and then carefully craft your story from ancestors and birth to your life today in a hardcover book. All you have to do is reminisce and leave the rest to us! The process for services include

  • A pre-interview “getting to know you” session
  • Invitation to relatives to submit questions they’d like you to answer
  • Recorded interview sessions (6 or more hours)
  • Transcribing the recordings
  • Writing/organizing your memories into a first-person account
  • Revising (This is YOUR book; we revise the draft as you wish)
  • Selecting and scanning photographs
  • Designing the text and photographs together into a beautiful book (usually 80-100 pages)
  • Overseeing printing and binding to your specifications